The Cobenzl is to become a unique 'Creative Laboratory' and grow into a living and conjoining venue.

Not just a 'Kitsch' museum for people, who 'once in a lifetime' come up for a one hour visit, enjoy the view, consume something small, and never set foot in the place again.

Such an orientation would never meet the needs of the Cobenzl, nor Vienna itself and its long-term potential, on a sustainable basis. Vienna really has depth and charm; it is chic and unwieldy, all at the same time.

Vienna is not 'cool' in the accepted sense of the word,but is really quite different from just a simple (sort of 'Berlin') type of 'coolness'.

'It is not our intention to invent a new landmark, but to give a forgotten landmark a place in present time, and bring back a long missed favourite excursion venue for the Viennese population'.

'The Cobenzl was a Viennese Institution for more than one hundred years, but mostly for the citizens of Vienna. And, it should rightly become that again. Under uncompromising and unrestrained confiscation of all that, which today is happening in Vienna so splendidly and futuristically. And then, the Cobenzl will not be able to rescue itself from the floods of tourists.'

The 'Cobenzl Prospect' should position itself as a model project for 'Upcycling'.

Under no circumstances are we going to squander resources meaninglessly.

We shall prevent all sorts of garbage, as far as possible.

We are not going to be throwing foodstuffs away meaninglessly.

And we shall respect and retain - wherever possible - the historical fabric of the buildings and the historical soul in the very walls themselves.

What has to be renovated, will be done perfectly and with all due consideration for the past.


Vienna is a wonderful city!

  • Vienna - according to the 'Quality of Living Ranking 2016' of the international consultants, the 'Mercer Consulting Group', was in possession of the worldwide highest quality of living - and that for the eighth time in succession.
  • In the current 'Economist Intelligence Unit' - City Ranking of the British journal 'The Economist', as well as in the 'Quality of Life Survey 2016' of the 'Monocle' Magazine, Vienna occupied the second and third place in worldwide comparison.
  • In the UNO Study 'State of The World Cities 2012/2013', Vienna is the most successful and flourishing city in the world, as far as productivity, infrastructure, quality of living, sustainability and social equality and treatment are concerned, in comparison with 70 other international cities.
  • According to the 'GlobalEconomicPowerIndex' of the American metropolitan area researcher, Richard Florida, in which the 25 economically most powerful cities of the world are compared, Vienna occupies the ninth position.
  • In the ranking of the 'Sustainable Cities Index 2016', of the international consultancy organisation, 'Ar- cadis', Vienna occupies fourth position under the most sustainable metropolises of the world.
  • In the November 2016 published 'City RepTrak' -Ranking of the Reputation Consultancy Organisation, Vienna occupies the position of the city with the second-best reputation in comparison with 55 international metropolises worldwide.
  • In the current 'Innovation Cities Global Index 2015' of the Australian Innovation Agency: '2think- now', including 500 city classifications based on 162 criterions, Vienna occupies third place as regards innovation potential, when compared with the others on a worldwide basis.
  • In the first international 'Smart Cities' ranking, published at the beginning of 2012 by the American climate strategist Boyd Cohen, Vienna was awarded the leading position on a worldwide basis.
  • The 'Tech Cocktail' online website for the 'startup scene', selected Vienna for position six in the beginning of February 2015 as one of the ten most favourite startup cities worldwide, as well as having the best eco startup system.
  • In the current 'Global Cities Index 2016' of the American consultancy firm A.T. Kearney, in which are listed the 125 most influential cities as regards economic activity, human capital, exchange of information, cultural experience and political commitment, Vienna occupies the 19th place worldwide.
  • The international think tank in Monterrey, Mexico 'World Capital Institute', makes an annual award for worldwide best scientific centres of knowledge. In the 'Knowledge City-Region' ranking, Vienna obtained first place in 2015.
  • Vienna is the city in the German-speaking world with the most number of students, as reported in the 12th Scientific Report of the Municipality of the City of Vienna in 2014. Vienna has a student community of 190,000, followed by Berlin with 160,000, Munich with 106,000, Hamburg with 91,000 and Zurich with 60,000.
  • An important role is also played by the over 1,000 private and public research organisations in Vienna, in which around 35,000 people are employed as researchers. This also has an impact on the Research Quota of 3.5 percent, which significantly exceeds the 'Barcelona target' of 2.0 percent.