We want 'to look down upon our Vienna' from the Cobenzl, by bringing the best of Vienna up onto our Cobenzl.

And so, we are not only collaborating closely for the planning and conversion works with our municipal partners in the City of Vienna, but also with Dr. Frank Albert, PhD and his Supernova, whom we have been able to retain as the perfect partner for the conversion and reconstruction works. Together, we are going to invite Pan-European Architectural Tenders, and are quite confident that the Cobenzl will be made to 'rise again from the ashes' by the year 2020 in new glory.

The Cobenzl Prospect is open for all good ideas and concepts for promoting our Vision. For this reason, we have ensured collaborative activities with other partners as well.

The Cobenzl Prospect will be firmly anchored and stand secure on the following pillars:

  • · The Cobenzl Festival Castle and its Terraces - generously planned and professionally managed, but a relaxed event venue with catering and seating to accommodate up to 1,300 persons in the Castle and on its adjacent Terraces. And, in this regard a relatively uncompromising concentration of regional organic products and in close association with the Cobenzl Winery and the 'Stadtflucht' Bergmuehle (Urban Drift).

  • The Cobenzl Wedding Paradise - offering up to three weddings concurrently at prices affordable for all, accommodating wedding guests from 50 to 1,300 persons, even in connection with the use of the 'Sisi' (Elizabeth) Chapel. Possibly with employment of our own registry office or a master of ceremonies, who just acts as and when needed. All in close association with the Cobenzl Winery and the 'Stadtflucht' Bergmuehle (Urban Drift).

  • Cobenzl Chef Cooking - alternating between the worldwide megatrends 'Food Tourism' and 'Cooks and Restaurants as Superstars', the Cobenzl Prospect again welcomesan Austrian or an international restaurant and/or its chef as a guest to their venue, who can alternate entirely freed from the usual day-to-day obligations and devote themselves to their eagerness to experiment.

  • The Cobenzl Highroad Museum - there is sufficient roomspace for illustrating the past history of the Cobenzl, with reference to the City of Vienna. A permanent exhibition area including a 'Cabinet of Marvels' and peep boxes and glass cabinets distributed around. There will also be exhibits from the private archives of the architect Anton Potyka. The Museum management could also commit to initiatives such as small private motor vehicle presentations and possibly 'soapbox derby's' to honour the Highroad
  • The Cobenzl Rondell Café - coffee house with classic Viennese cuisine, especially pastries and special coffee assortments in the completely renovated circular Coffee House Pavilion, as far as possible in the style of the Fifties. And then, a guest appearance from time to time by the cross-generational project Full Pension. Partner Gert Kunze, MA of the Café Eiles.

  • The Cobenzl Project Workshop - The 'Co-working Space', ongoing events of congresses and seminars, and the Creative Laboratory. Subject matter emphasis is on a 'Melange' - Interdisciplinarity and Diversity on all levels. This would make the Cobenzl Prospect Workshop into a supplement for all the 'Co-working Spaces' in Vienna, and not just a contestant arena. The close collaborative project partners are planned as: Katharina Haeckel-Schinkinger, MA of Messrs. Habibi and Hawara, Barbara Inmann, MA of Messrs. Impact Hub Vienna, Raphaela Toncic-Sorinj, MA of Messrs. Ashoka Visionary Program and Christiane Bertolinis. MA of Das Neue Arbeiten DNA

  • Cobenzl Private Rooms - a maximum of 10 rooms, reserved for wedding brides and any other celebrating parties. Furnished with every conceivable comfort and with sympathetic Viennese keynotes, such as for example the 'Gspusi' (local expression for flirtation). The partner for the project is: Teresa Pagitz, MA of the Grossarler Hof, who is also a founding member and the secretary of the association 'Pro Grinzing'.

  • The Cobenzl Culture Theatre - selective, high-grade appearances of well known performing artists, and of those aspiring to be so someday, of all shades (concerts, recitals, stage performances and readings) presented on a mobile external and an internal smaller stage. In collaboration with Austrian and international impresarios.

A commission of judges put together from delegates of the Municipality of the City of Vienna and Goodshares will select the eight best entries, and thereafter the winner. This should have been completed by the autumn of 2018.

Following that, the plans for submission to the authorities for planning permission and a subsequent building permit will be retained in close cooperation with our real estate development partners Supernova on the basis of the winning entry.

We are hoping for an early issue of a building permit, so that we can commence with the building construction works in the spring of 2019.

The completion of the works and the re-opening of the Cobenzl cannot be reckoned with before the late summer/ early autumn of 2020, but possibly the Cobenzl Rondell Café will be opened earlier.